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Capo Sandalo on San Pietro Island

The island of San Pietro: the perfect yacht charter destination

The island of San Pietro is a hidden paradise in the South of Sardinia.

Far away from the expensive boutiques, the frenetic nightlife, the VIPs and megayachts of the Costa Smeralda, the island of San Pietro is the perfect destination for yacht charter, an ideal sailing destination!

On this island we still can discover some real traditions, an untouched nature and a wonderful marine life – a pleasure for each sailor.


San Pietro has an interesting history: you will be surprised to hear a Ligurian dialect on this remote spot of Southern Sardinia, instead of the typical Sardinian language.

This is because the head town of the island, Carloforte, was was founded in the 18th century by Ligurian coral fishers. They first had emigrated from Pegli near Genoa to the Tunisian island of Tabarka in 1542, but centuries later were forced to leave the area again due to political difficulties with the local administrations.

Carloforte's promenade
Carloforte’s promenade

On their request, King Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia assigned them a desert island: the island of San Pietro. In that way they could built their new home and gave him the name of “Carloforte” in honour to the king. Now they could continue their commerce of spices and precious fabrics with the entire Mediterranean Sea.

The Ligurian culture

You will notice the presence of the North-Italian culture from their ancient cousins on the mainland in every angle of the town: the elegant Ligurian architecture, the culinary traditions and, of course, their Ligurian dialect called “Tabarchino”.

Sailing yacht in Carloforte

The beautiful town of Carloforte

The only inhabited village, Carloforte, is a charming place. It is ideal for a walk after a full sailing day. Romantic piazzas, tiny little streets full of flowers, charming little boutiques and artisan shops are a delight for every traveler. And you will encounter the special atmosphere of a small village where everybody still knows everyone and where an overwhelming hospitality is simply innate.

Furthermore there are many excellent restaurants based on Ligurian specialties and seafood. San Pietro is famous for its tuna fishing and holds one of the last active “tonnaras” of Italy, so that you will have the possibility to try every part of this delicious fish. And when I say “every part”, I mean “every part” – believe me. 😉

Tuna heart carpaccio
Tuna heart carpaccio

The ones who like entertainment, a good glass of wine and a bit of nightlife can visit different trendy bars with live music.

A breathtaking landscape and pure nature

But most of all the island of San Pietro has an amazing landscape and an uncontaminated nature.

Pure nature on San Pietro
Pure nature on San Pietro

It has ancient volcanic roots and offers mostly rocky costs and beaches, natural swimming pools and impressive cliffs. While walking through the island or circumnavigating San Pietro on your boat you will have the pleasure to enjoy breathtaking panoramas.

The flora is mainly the typical “Macchia Mediterranea” characterized by plants like cistus, myrtus, lentiscus, arbutus unedo, juniperus and rosemary, but also presents some rare endemic plants such as Astragalus maritimus.

Macchia mediterranea in San Pietro
Macchia mediterranea

Eleonora’s falcons, pink flamingos and different water birds live on the island. From mid May until mid June the tunafish crosses the coastal waters of San Pietro and its sister island Sant’Antioco. This is the period of the annual tuna fishing, largely represented in the local dishes.

A perfect sailing destination

The dominant wind is the Mistral from north-west that can reach also speeds over 100 km / h. The second main wind is the Sirocco from south-east. This divides the island in two parts: the windward and leeward sides of the island who present two different types of vegetation.
This means that in this area all sailing fans will always find good winds to sail.

Isola di San Pietro
Isola di San Pietro

Furthermore the limpid, crystal clear waters, full of marine life, natural swimming pools and picturesque bays are a joy for every sailor’s heart.

The nearby coast in the western direction towards Cagliari and Villasimius or in the northern direction on the way to Alghero offers many interesting spots to discover, for example the nearby rock of “Pan di Zucchero”.

Pan di Zucchero
Sailing to Pan di Zucchero


Different activities on the mainland can be organized: trekking, mountain biking, tours in 4 x 4 as well as biological, geological or historical excursions. Obviously also marine sports such as diving, fishing or SUP are available on the island.

Dolphins near San Pietro Island
Dolphins near San Pietro

All this makes the Island of San Pietro a perfect sailing destinations and is still an “insider tip” between yachting fans from all over the world.
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